Rachelle White

"The coaching and coaches are excellent, they are passionate knowledgeable about training drills and techniques and have a positive encouraging rapport with children of all ages. As a family we love coming to watch and seeing Campbell improve week on week. 

Campbell loves i2i and the coaches. He was very shy and quiet but was never over looked, coaches involved him and made sure he understood each task and now he has grown in football and personal confidence it has been amazing to see and totally unexpected.
Campbell counts down to his training, never misses a session (attending twice a week and occasional holiday camps) and plays in all weathers as he loves it so much. 

The best thing about the i2i Football Academy without doubt is the coaches, there are a number of coaches but each one is friendly, high quality, using a range of drills, positive encouragement but also showing the children preferable choices to improve their football awareness and knowledge. The use of young coaches also helps the younger children by being role models and friends while they are new to the groups. Campbell's favourites are Nelly (of course) Little Richie and Andy M......... But Neale might be taking his spot.  

3 words that sums up the i2i Football Academy?
Fantastic Football Family 

As a family we love i2i and have been so impressed with the high quality coaching and personal development which Campbell has shown since starting. He's only 6 so I have no doubt we will all be together for a long time."



Chris Jackson

"My son loves the academy, it not only improves his football but it has also given him a greater self-confidence, better social skills and a sense of purpose.

The best thing about the academy is the coaches, their attitude towards the players whatever their ability and the standard of training that they provide.   

3 words to describe the i2i Football Academy? Professional, Consistent & Optimistic

The academy plays a really position role in the development of not only my son's football skills but also the way that the culture is to behave in a respectful way to everyone.

It is a fantastic academy and the development that it offers for the long-term is reassuring."            

Paul Brough

"I brought my son to the i2i Football Academy due to it's ethos on player development with a focus on progress rather than playing competitive matches and focusing on results.       

My son Jacob really enjoys the coaches' communication - calm, informative, and constructive.

Three words that sum up the i2i Football Academy? Excellent, Learning, Environment.

Despite a lifetime of playing and loving football, I found the culture around the game deteriorating and wasn't really that keen for Jacob to be involved. i2i provided quality coaching that challenged Jacob to improve without putting him under pressure. I'm glad to see that the great foundations that Nelly laid at CFD have been incorporated into the i2i brand. Jacob is developing well as a footballer but more importantly he is being helped to adopt healthy attitudes towards himself and his peers.     

Laura Moir

"We started out at CFD then moved with them to i2i, we originally came for specific goalkeeper training with the legendary Rob Whitwell. 

Jacob (know as Schmeich at i2i) absolutely loves the academy, he adores all of the coaches even if he has only met them once. He loves all of the kids, he loves the training sessions, they are fantastic and he's learnt so much it's unreal, every day I see an improvement in him. He attends as many holiday camps as he possibly can even if it means giving up other things, he always picks i2i. He is the most proudest person when he is asked to play in a match for them. He has come on leaps and bounds with his ability but also his confidence on and off the pitch has grown too.  

The coaches and staff are amazing in every way at i2i from their ability to train the boys to the way they connect with them off the pitch knowing every players' name and making them feel part of the family! Schmeich's main coaches Toby and Charlie are superb with their knowledge and experience and the way they get it across to the boys is superb! Also, the way every coach makes me feel like I'm part of it all and their all my friends too, (even though I'm really just the chauffeur) I never feel out of place there I always feel more than welcome unlike other academies I've been to!

3 words to sum up the i2i Football Academy? One Big Family.

i2i, it's been a massive journey so far with so many high points. Schmeich would never be the player he is today if it wasn't for every single one of you. So a massive thank you from us x   

Joe Dawson

I brought my son to the i2i Football Academy because of the reputation of coaches, Nelly's enthusiasm with the boys, the relationship the coaches have with the boys and the level of players that attend and the challenges this brings.

The academy has helped with my son's development in reading the game and his technique.

The best thing about the i2i Football Academy is the coaches.

3 words to describe the i2i Football Academy? Development, Competitive & Caring

Nelly, Mikey and Simon - with whom I have dealt with most - are great with the lads and their passion for football enhances both the development and enjoyment for the kids.